Carlos San Millan

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Oil on Canvas 

Not this paintings intended purpose but I had an overwhelming urge to throw it on the ground.  

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Julien Magre - Unrest (2014)


Jesse Chehak


hyper-realistic human forms by sun yuan + peng yu
‘teenager teenager’, 2011
performance, sofa, stones
1440 x 540 cm / 47.2 x 17.8 feet

chinese artists sun yuan + peng yu present a series of life-size, poignant and disturbing hyper-realistic sculptural installations of human and animal forms at galerie perrotin, paris. the creative duo are best known for shocking their audience through their controversial work with materials like human fat tissue and animals to deal with issues of perception, death, and the human condition, demonstrating provocative issues of the contemporary era. ‘if i die’ is a monumental installation that shows massive gel and fiberglass,  the surrealist structure acts as a metaphor for a consumer society that has lost its way. through hints of dark humour, they intensely probe themes of life and death in unusual, destabilizing ways.

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Surreal Portraits by Aisha Zeijpvelds

Unusual and surrealist images, this is what the protographer Aisha Zeijpvelds, based in Amsterdam presents here with a portrait series. What is particular is the directing, which appears like totally zany. Some of the models have limbs split into two as while some others have the eyes hidden by a mirror or by a smoke heap.

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